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You are wellcome!
We transport children comfortably :)

Our company pays special attention to the quality of customer service, their safety and comfort.

Only professionals work in Baby Transfer. We have experience servicing VIPs and international forums of the highest level.

  • Securing one driver for a child
  • License for passenger transportation №759 dated 11.09.2018
  • SMS-notification of the arrival of the child in school, kindergarten, section
  • Insurance of a passenger against an accident on
    500 000 UAH
  • Drivers - reserve officers of law enforcement agencies with experience in security and escort
  • Business and premium cars.
  • Providing a full biography of the driver of the company
  • The presence of 2 or 3 child seats in the car
такси для детей
Our Address

st. Jakira 12/14
Kyiv, 04119,

+38 (067) 526-36-94
+38 (063) 825-18-38

E-mail: [email protected]

автолюлюлька такси для детей
Contact Us

Convenience and efficiency in organizing travel with unaccompanied children are the main components of parents’ peace of mind on the eve of departure. Baby Taxi Baby Transfer offers a wide range of services for small passengers and their parents.


We understand that the transportation of children, as well as any taxi service, must be performed at a high level, therefore in the arsenal of our fleet:

  • business class enhanced safety vehicles;
  • uxury class transport;
  • comfortable minibuses designed for transportation from 5 to 18 childrens.

Before each departure, the drivers conduct a technical inspection of the car. Evaluate the work of the systems, fix a suitable car seat, if necessary. In the cabin there are no sources of sharp odors from the flavors, there is also a strict rule for drivers – a categorical ban on smoking.

Since children are often present in our transport, each car is equipped with a hygiene kit, which can be used free of charge. Here passengers will find:

  • dry and wet wipes;
  • bottled water with dispenser;
  • disposable diapers and nappies in individual packages.

Developing books, magazines for children and adults, toys will be offered as a source of leisure time on the road. Therefore, without parents, young passengers will feel comfortable.


  • Drivers experience Our drivers have driving experience of 15 years. Quickly oriented in emergency situations, always neat and correct with passengers. If you need a children’s driver in Kiev, you can be sure of our employees. Most of them are family people who know how to communicate with children.
  • Selection of drivers.It is carried out by an experienced specialist with extensive practical experience in law enforcement. The selection of personnel takes into account not only the driving experience and technical condition of the car, but also the business and moral qualities of a person, his marital status, the presence of children, etc. Just a desire to work as a driver for the company is not enough.
  • Control.  Between parents, driver and dispatcher, we create a chat in Viber for SMS informing about the driver’s arrival and the child’s meeting at school / kindergarten, as well as the child’s arrival home or for training.
  • Efficiency and accuracy. We guarantee delivery of the car in the terms specified in the application, and as quickly as possible when necessary. During the execution of the order, all customer requirements are met, information about the transport and time of arrival is duplicated on the mobile phone in the form of sms.
  • Transportation of children without an adult.  Most of our drivers have experience of working as a family driver, or, as a rule, they are former law enforcement officers, as well as officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who retired at the age of 44. They can perform the functions of not only the driver, but also the teacher and bodyguard. We work on the principle “from hand to hand”. Baby Transfer customers are ready to trust their children to our specialists, who have sufficient experience in working with restless people of any age, as they are fathers themselves, and many are grandfathers.
  • High quality car seats. Our company uses Cybex car seats, created for children from birth to 12 years. Products are made from heavy-duty materials, securely fix the passenger, ensuring complete safety during movement.
  • Fixed cost of services. Having ordered a taxi in Baby Transfer, you can be sure that the price of the trip calculated by the operator will remain unchanged. The cost of the full list of services you can find in the relevant section of our site. In addition, we can work on an ongoing basis under a contract for the provision of passenger services and thus be liable to you for the child.