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Baby taxi

Convenience, promptness and security when it comes to organization of kids transfer are the main ingredients of the parents’ comfort. Baby Transfer kids taxi offers a wide choice of services for small passengers and their parents. You can order taxi with the required number of car bassinets and car seats, or use the car nanny service (child accompaniment in a taxi).

Baby Transfer Car Fleet and Travel Conditions

We realize that transferring kids as well as any other taxi service must be performed at the highest level. That is why in our car fleet we have:

  • enhanced security executive cars;
  • premium class transport;
  • comfortable minibuses designed for transporting 5 to 18 children.

Before each departure, the drivers perform a technical inspection of the vehicle, evaluate the systems operation, fasten the respective child safety seat if necessary. The passenger compartment does not have strong odors. Also, there is a strict rule for the drivers — a total ban on smoking.

Since taxi for children needs special conditions, each car is equipped with a hygienic kit available for free. Here, the passengers will find:

  • dry and wet napkins;
  • still water in dispenser bottles;
  • disposable underpads and diapers in individual packaging.

For a joyful ride, the kids will be offered developing books, magazines for children and adults, toys. So, even without their parents, the young passengers will feel comfortable.

Benefits of Kids Taxi

Baby Transfer kids taxi in Kyiv is not an ordinary transfer service. We focus on the needs of the youngest passengers and their parents, that is why we are very scrupulous when it comes to the conditions of our trips. Our benefits:

  • Drivers’ Experience. Our drivers have driving experience from 15 years. They have an eye for the ground in emergencies; they are always tidy and amiable with the passengers. If you need a baby driver in Kyiv, you can rely upon our employees. Most of them are family men who know how to deal with kids.
  • Drivers Selection. Interviews are held by an experienced specialist with practical experience in law enforcement bodies. In the recruitment process, not only the driving experience and technical condition of a car are taken into consideration, but also business and psychological characteristics of a person, its family status, and whether such person has children. Just a wish to work as a driver for the company is not enough.
  • Control. We create a chat for the parents, the driver and the operator in Viber for SMS notifications about the driver’s arrival and pick-up of the kid from school/kindergarten, as well as the kid’s returning home or arriving at the training.
  • Promptness and accuracy. We guarantee serving a car within the time specified in the request, and the quickest possible response. During the accomplishment of the order, all the requirements of the client are being fulfilled, and the details of the transport and arrival time are duplicated to the cell phone as an SMS.
  • Transfer of Kids Without Being Accompanied by an Adult. Most of our drivers have experience of work as family drivers, as a rule, are former workers of law enforcement bodies, or officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who retired after the age of 44. They can perform not only the driver’s functions, but also the functions of a teacher or a guardian. In our work, we follow “from hand to hand” principle. Baby Transfer clients are ready to entrust us with their children, because our specialists have sufficient experience of work with active kids of any age. They are dads too, and many of them are even grandpas.
  • High Quality of Child Safety Seats. Our company uses Cybex safety seats designed for kids from birth till 12 years of age. Their products are made of extra-strong materials, fasten the passenger reliably and guarantee full safety during movement.

Having ordered a taxi at Baby Transfer, you can be sure that the price of the trip calculated by the operator will remain unchanged. You can learn more about the prices of the full range of our services on the relevant page of our website. Also, we can work on a constant basis according to a contract for providing passenger transfer service, and this way have liability to you for your child.

We will be happy to provide you with excellent taxi service for children and parents — Baby Transfer.