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Accompanying children

Work, care of children, household duties and others responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of parents in the modern world.
Car nurse of Baby Transfer will help you to be good parents. A nurse accompanying a child is a personal driver, nanny, companion.
Thanks to escort services parents can work quietly, make a career, solve problems and at the same time be calm about the process of raising children.
Car nurse is a qualified driver who will take the child to school, kindergarten, sports section, music school, etc.
Now you just need to schedule a trip for the child. Picking up, driving, returning home will make for you with сar nurse of Baby Transfer.


Accompanying children is a service of Baby Transfer .It has long been used by modern parents of Kiev. The company has gained trust . It has developed a base of loyal customers.
It was possible to do this thanks to the high level of diligence and qualifications of our drivers.
The main tasks of the car nurse are:

  • compliance with the traffic rules;
  • compliance the rules of transportation of children;
  • strictly adherence to the trip schedule;
  • putting the child safety on the first place.

All drivers who perform the service regularly undergo recertification and refresher courses. Therefore you can be sure that the child will be in safe hands during the trip.

Also during the trip the nurse accompanying the baby with Baby Transfer:

  • will not smoke, make stops for personal matters;
  • will make the best logistics route trip;
  • will take into account the condition of the child during the trip.

The parents may require additional services ordering support for a child. In particular you can choose a male driver or a female driver.
We choose only responsible and attentive drivers to perform the support services for children. Therefore we boldly guarantee that you will give the child in good hands.
Your child will be comfortable and safely . Your kid will be delivered to the desired point of a trip on time.
We also note that there are modern cars collected in the vehicle fleet of Baby Transfer. They regularly pass inspection. In addition the car salon will be equipped with a car seat for a child of a specific age category.
The service will be useful as a taxi to school, kindergarten and at any specified address. You can deliver the child to parents, friends, etc. Accompanying children is a service that saves you time and nerves.