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Mom’s Taxi

Taxi for kids and parents Baby Transfer is not just a transfer service. The key factor on which the values of the company are based is special comfort and the passengers’ safety. Our positioning focuses on the care for our most precious ones — women and children. The services we provide are actually a unique example of responsible client-oriented transportation. The company takes into account all the wishes and peculiarities of the passengers. That is why in a relatively small period Baby Transfer found a lot of loyal customers and is vigorously winning the hearts of the citizens of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Our taxi for moms involves creating special conditions both for those who are just expecting their babies and experienced moms with a couple of kids of different age. With Baby Transfer, it will be easy to visit doctors, go to the clinic for undergoing medical tests, attend courses, visit someone, do some errands, and later — travel with kids or send your baby in the company of our driver. Also, we will take care of every detail to make your discharge from the maternity hospital easier.

Taxi for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman is like a completely different Universe. Her body requires special awe and attention. Without the smallest concern, we undertake responsibility and offer transfer services for pregnant women because we are confident in our cars and our drivers’ professionalism.

There is a popular thought that it is better to order a car at an ordinary transfer service rather than pay extra money for the taxi for the pregnant. Such opinion can rightfully exist. But we would like to explain why it is better to decide on the specialized company.

  • Comfortable trip. In the passenger compartment, everything is arranged for a comfortable trip. We deliberately do not use bright car fragrance diffusers in the compartment and keep it fresh and clean. At any moment, a passenger may ask a driver for some water, wet tissues or a first aid kit. All that is included in Baby Transfer service. No additional fee is required.
  • Safety. Taxi for moms is equipped with special safety belts, and comfortable seats will allow a woman to sit in a reclining posture
  • Responsible drivers selection. Before occupying the position of a driver at our company, the willing men and women are carefully tested and undergo additional training. Mandatory preconditions include non-smoking at work, 15 years driving experience, and being a calm and friendly interlocutor.
  • Promptness. The main reason for calling a taxi for moms is quick and at the same time calm transfer to the destination (maternity hospital, doctor, etc.). We guarantee serving a car as quickly as possible or precisely at the specified time.

If you are sure that all that can be offered by any other service, we will not try to persuade you. But this is very doubtful.

Taxi for the Discharge from the Maternity Hospital

Birth of a child is one of the most expected moments in the family’s life. It is always important for the loving parents to take the maximum care of their baby and save him from the yet strange and unknown world. It is necessary to create healthy and comfortable conditions for the newborn baby. Baby Transfer provides specialized taxi for maternity hospitals and offers the whole range of services required for such an important trip.

  • Car bassinet. According to the law and for reasons of conscience, it is necessary to transfer kids in the specialized car seats and car bassinets. In our taxi for the discharge from the maternity hospital, a car bassinet is a mandatory element. If you have other kids younger than 12 years of age in the car compartment, you must indicate it. We will offer a car with the required number of safety seats.
  • Holiday trip. Special mood, photos important for the family history… On this day, we will help you to create an unforgettable atmosphere. By prior arrangement, we are ready to decorate the holiday transfer.
  • Reliable cars. The vehicles in our fleet are regularly tested for working order. The cars take the road only when they absolutely properly functioning. All the tiniest nuances are corrected on time, so none of Baby Transfer passengers is put at risk in any way.

By ordering a taxi for moms at Baby Transfer, you can cross out the transportation issue in your to-do list without any hesitation.

Thank you for your trust! Remember: our aim is your safety and comfort! Together we will build new transportation standards in our European country.