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Taxi for pregnant women

Expectant mother should be surrounded by comfort like no other. However even in this state a woman has to work, visit a doctor and do other daily tasks getting out of the comfort zone. In this case public transport is not a very suitable place for the future mother to travel. There is stuffy, cramped, a lot of odors, the probability of catching up some kind of virus .All this is unbearable for a pregnant woman especially in the later periods or with toxicosis. That is why a taxi for pregnant women in Kiev has already gained great popularity. Use the services of the Baby Transfer company and you will have only pleasant impressions from the trip.


The reasons for which a woman has to leave the house are different, for example:

  • Visiting an area doctor. Examination of the doctor and testing allow to control the health of the woman and child and therefore it is not possible to put off the event for later. If the weather conditions (ice, burning sun, rain) and the condition of the pregnant woman do not have an independent road so it is better to call a taxi.
  • Childbirth. A competent doctor always warns a woman about the need to be ready to go to the maternity hospital at the end of the term. Therefore it is necessary to collect a “woman’s bag” from the 38th week of pregnancy and carefully monitor the internal sensations. The frequency of prenatal contractions can increase and you need a quick trip to a maternity hospital. In this case you need to call a taxi of Baby Transfer urgently. The experienced drivers will quickly arrive at the right address and choose the shortest way to the maternity hospital.
  • Discharging from maternity hospital. This is an event that excludes the independent movement of a young mother to the house. In this case Baby Transfer is ready to provide a decorated luxury car with a cradle at the appointed time and take part in the solemn discharge. A presentable car will leave a pleasant impression of the event and a spacious cabin will allow the whole family to comfortably accommodate. Young parents will be busy with the baby but not the road!


The pledge of the comfort of our passengers is the high status of the car and experienced drivers. There is only luxury and business class transport in the salon of our vehicle fleet. Each cabin has everything you need for a comfortable trip:

  • water;
  • wet wipes;
  • first aid kit for urgent care in emergency situations.

Special taxi is equipped with special seat belts, comfortable seats will allow a woman to take a reclining position.

Baby Transfer’s Drivers:

  • do not smoke;
  • have driving experience of 15 years;
  • choose a smooth, quiet ride with a speed of 60 km / h during the movement.

Thus Baby Transfer’s Taxi guarantees:

  • Comfortable conditions .You will be offered spacious cars with air conditioning in a taxi for pregnant women .The presence of strong flavors and odors is excluded. An experienced driver will give you all the necessary attention.
  • Operational services. A woman during pregnancy and after childbirth can not be nervous! We take this into account and guarantee the delivery of the car as soon as possible or at a specified time.
  • Waiting without payment. Order a car in both directions and get 1 hour free.

Make an order online or contact our operators by phone.