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Discharging from maternity hospital

Тaxi to the maternity hospital

The birth of a child is the second exciting day after the wedding. On this day it is important that everything goes distinctly, efficiently and successfully.
Certainly it’s impossible to plan everything .Trust in responsible specialists is possible to quiet nerves and wait for the baby’s appearance.
If the peak moment catches you unwares you need to deliver the young mother to the attending doctor in time and comfortably. We offer a taxi service to the maternity hospital if you’re not willing to give birth in the nearest hospital. The ambulance will probably take you there.

Baby Transfer ― is:

  • operative arrival of a car and speed taxi delivery to the maternity hospital;
  • clean and comfortable cars;
  • drivers with special education;
  • excellent knowledge of urban traffic and route optimization.

A taxi call is a great solution in such an emergency situation . You can be sure our drivers will take you safely to the necessary place without stress.


Do you need safely and comfortably delivering to home after the birth of a child? Baby Transfer will easily solve this issue for you with Baby Taxi .
You will need to specify the time and the place of arrival to order a taxi from the maternity hospital. You can decorate the car to make a discharging from the maternity hospital special and festive .It must be agreed in advance.
According to the rules of transportation of children special car seats are installed in the cabin of each car. Be sure to specify the age of the child when you will order a baby taxi of Baby Transfer.
Taxi with baby car seat is not just a tribute to the law but also a mandatory attribute for the safe transportation of children. They must be used from the birth of a child to 12 years.
The taxi with a baby car seat will be optimal for safe transportation of newborns.
Baby Transfer allows you to choose a taxi for children of different age categories.
Do not carry children on your hands under no circumstances!
You can not keep the child in your arms during the strong push in a disaster situation . Do not risk the health of the baby and your own!


The cars for a visit and a taxi for an discharging from the maternity hospital are a guarantee of a comfortable and safe movement with Baby Transfer:

  • reliable cars that undergo constant mechanical checkout;
  • taxi with car seat: the chairs for different age categories, the best manufacturers, taxi with car potter;
  • punctual drivers;
  • fair tariffs;
  • the ability to call a taxi according to the number of passengers.

Explain the situation to the dispatcher and expect the car to arrive as soon as possible to ensure that everything goes at the highest level.