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School Taxi

In busy city life, it is not so easy for the parents to manage everything: cook breakfast, take the kids and drive them to school, be at work on time and accomplish many other tasks. It gets even more complicated when an educational institution is far from home. But why should one give up on a really good school and quality education just because of a couple of kilometers and morning fuss?

Baby Transfer, taxi in Kyiv for kids and parents, will help to make it in time everywhere. Just imagine: you will get a driver friend you can entrust your kid to without worrying that your baby will be late somewhere or get in trouble. Also, your children will feel themselves more adult because they will come to school not with their parents but with their personal driver.

Please note: you can order personal school taxi on a permanent basis. In this case, we will agree upon the schedule and serve taxi recurrently for taking the kid from school and driving him or her home on time. You will provide your kid with a personal driver who will work with you during the necessary period of time.

Also, you can join the group and order transfer of children to school by minibus.

Selection of Drivers for School Taxi

Baby Transfer cares about the passengers’ safety. Before undertaking the job, the willing candidates are tested and checked. They should indicate the necessary personal details and professional experience.

Requirements for the drivers:

  • Over 15 years driving experience. The driver should be able to quickly respond to emergencies.
  • Family status and personal characteristics. It is important for us that the drivers can communicate with kids based on their own experience. Thus, Baby Transfer employees are always amiable, polite and interesting to talk to.
  • Good background. During the process of drivers’ applications selection, the representatives of law enforcement bodies work with the candidates. You can be sure that our drivers are reliable people.
  • Mental stability. In addition, candidates for the work at the school taxi are tested for mental health and ability to work with children.

When ordering a taxi for schoolchildren, you can choose a driver for yourself according to his personal information. This way, you will choose a person who will definitely be the best company for your kid. If you would like to learn more details, give us a call. We will provide all the necessary information.

Taxi for Schoolchildren in Kyiv

The capital is a large and active city. Here, you have two options: either you are a time management god or you are looking for the ways to delegate your duties. Baby Transfer service and school taxi service in particular are created for helping you to manage everything on time and do that at the highest level.

Three pillars our company code is based on are:

  1. Service quality. Under quality we mean the high level of driving skills, politeness and good manners of all the company representatives.
  2. Safety. The second criterion is based on human and technological factors. Firstly, Baby Transfer taxi drivers always choose calm driving to avoid any possible accident situations. Secondly, all the cars from the service fleet undergo regular technical checks. In case of minimal problems, cars are immediately sent to repair.
  3. Comfort. The third law of our company refers to how the passenger feels inside our cars and in the drivers’ company. Before the run, all the cars are cleaned. You can be sure that the passenger compartment will be clean and fresh. During the trip, we do not use fragrance diffusers because they can have negative influence on the kid’s well-being. As for the personal comfort in the driver’s presence, Baby Transfer taxi workers are good at finding the common language with kids. If the kid is friendly, we will keep the conversation going. In other cases, the driver will transfer the kids without redundant comments or conversations.

Thus, if you are currently looking for a taxi for a schoolboy or a schoolgirl, we recommend choosing our service. Baby Transfer trip will be at the highest level of excellence!