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Personal school taxi

You have to attend sports clubs, circles and other classes in addition to school and kindergarten. Where will you find so much time? Baby Transfer offers a taxi service for children taking into account the employment of parents. We will bring your child to school and home from an educational institution one-time or on long-term conditions of cooperation.


If you need to take and bring the child from school, section, kindergarten systematically so ease your troubles. Make an application in Baby Transfer today and you will get rid of the need to solve a number of important issues:

  • Do not give cash to the child. The calculation for the service is carried out by parents in any way convenient for them . The method of payment is discussed at the time of application. Therefore the child does not have to pay anything risking that he will lose cash or other unpleasant circumstances will occur
  • Benefit for the family budget. The financial budget for a taxi for a child quickly pays off due to saving time and peace of mind of parents. You can always order group transportation by minibus with the same driver if it’s necessary.
  • You only pay for your trips. There is a subscriber system (prepayment but we recalculate at the end of each week) or payment at the end of the week for the number of trips made.
  • Only one driver is assigned to the family. It leads to the absence of stress in the child.


Delivery of children to school is a really convenient service that allows parents to free up time in their schedule and not to think about how the child will get.

  • We have the drivers who can be trusted. The team consists of drivers with driving experience of at least 15 years. Most of our drivers have experience working as a family driver. The others are former law enforcement officers. We also have officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who retired at the age of 44.This gives a guarantee of the safety of the child while being with our driver and confidence in a good attitude. The driver for the child to school in Kiev is being tested through our security service. We take into account not only the driving experience and technical condition of the car but also the business and moral qualities of a person, his marital status, the presence of his children, etc.
  • Vehicle fleet. We have business and a standard class cars, sedans, crossovers and minibuses with up to 18 seats equipped with seat belts. The cars are not older than 5 years.
  • SMS informing. We create a chat in the Viber application between the parents, the driver and the dispatcher. We inform about the arrival of the driver to the school, kindergarten as well as about the child’s meeting and leaving the house and then about the arrival home.
  • Care. We pass the child from hand to hand. We meet small children near the apartment, the entrance and accompany them to the car. Our drivers open the doors of the car and help fasten the child with seat belts. We get into school, kindergarten, section and help to change clothes. We help to bring a school bag.
  • Comfort. Our cars are equipped with dry and wet wipes, non-aerated water. Flavors are not used in the cabin. If you want to sleep a little more the plaid and pillow will be very useful in the morning.
  • Security. For small children we will choose a comfortable chair for a safer ride.

“Every detail of the future trip of your children is thought out and aimed at making your child comfortable!”

Taking a child from school in Kiev is not a luxury but a rational use of your time in the middle of the working day.