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Organizing the road to the hotel or airport is the last thing to think for tired parents. That is why the family transfer services are in demand today.
By transfer means a trip along a given route which is chosen by the customer. This is a convenient and safe type of escort for city guests.
On the territory of the resorts the service is implemented by hotels and travel agencies, in big cities a taxi transfer is involved.
Baby Transfer offers business, luxury class transport and favorable conditions for its customers such as pregnant women and families with children of any age.


Many people have a question .Why they order a car in advance? They can simply pay for a car driver directly at the train station or airport.
There are some reasons for using the transfer:

  • Guaranteed comfort. If you choose VIP transfer, you will be guaranteed to wait for a car that meets personal requests and high status. “Surprises” like delays and lack of a car are excluded. Car seats will be prepared in the transport and a hygiene kit will be offered for free. Adults can occupy themselves reading magazines.
  • Save time. You will not be driven through the streets of the city in search of a fast and comfortable road. This is important when there are impatient children in the car. As a rule experienced taxi drivers think over the route in advance with care about the time of the client.
  • Fix price. In particular the tariffs in Baby Transfer are fixed. A detailed price list is available in the appropriate section of our website. Besides the cars undergo a technical inspection before each departure. Therefore an unexpected vehicle breakdown, a broken air conditioner or force majeure are completely excluded
  • Pre-ordering a car at a specialized company includes the complete provision of information about the trip such as numbers, car brands and a fixed fare to the destination.


  • Transfer from the airport .There is pre-ordered trip from the airport to any point of the Kiev region
  • Transfer to the airport .We will bring the passenger to the airport at a pre-scheduled time.
  • Meeting with a sign .Make the appropriate application and our drivers will independently meet the guest, bring him to the right address.
  • Meeting of foreigners at the airport. Knowledge of a foreign language by our drivers will allow the client to organize a meeting of the guest at the highest level.
  • Taxi to the station .The car will quickly arrive at the station, drivers quickly plan a convenient route.
  • Meeting at the station .The guest will be met with a sign, promptly escorted to the hotel or taken to the right address.

Business and luxury cars are at the disposal of our customers. Orders are accepted for group meetings of a group of children up to 15 people.
If you are planning a transfer with a child, we have all the conditions for small passengers of any age:

  • Car seats and high quality cradles from Cybex ensure the safety of the child during the trip. Available models are designed for children aged 9 months to 12 years.
  • Water, entertainment. We know how hard it can be for a child to stay in one place for a long time so the driver will always have water, educational books, magazines, toys.
  • Drivers’ professionalism and comfort. Most Baby Transfer drivers are family people who have their children and therefore know how to deal with young passengers. The driving experience of every specialist of our taxi is at least 15 years.


The quality of Baby Transfer services is due to the experience of the company:

  • Guaranteed supply of the car at the appointed time.
  • Work in continuous mode 24/7 including taking urgent orders.
  • Safety and comfort. Baby Transfer offers the presence of high-quality car seats, experienced drivers and business or luxury class cars
  • We are ready to accept an application for a complex service and escort the guest (children) from the station or airport and back at a certain day and time.
  • Our drivers do not smoke, behave culturally, have a neat appearance.

Baby Transfer offers fixed prices that correspond to high quality services.


You may order VIP transfer in Kiev in several ways:

  • Place an online order. Specify the time, date and place of delivery .Our experts will contact you and calculate the cost of the route, will answer all your questions.
  • Write via Viber the parameters of the desired trip.
  • Contact through the company community in social networks.
  • Call the phone number listed on the site.

You can be sure that the cost of the service during its execution will not change. Contact our consultants if you have additional requests or need help.




от 700 грн


700 UAH Left Bank / 850 UAH Right Bank


от 850 грн


Business class cars with seat belts and car seats from 850 UAH.