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Inter-city taxi


Every family at least once faced with the need for long-distance travel with children. This may be a small trip from Kiev to the region or to another city. You should choose a long-distance taxi in Ukraine with a specialized direction in work to get to your destination safely, quickly and comfortably. Pay attention to our company if you strive to obtain the optimal ratio of favorable conditions and comfort.

Baby Transfer guarantees:

  • driver professionalism;
  • a wide range of VIP-class vehicles;
  • the ability to travel along the desired route 24/7;
  • prices corresponding to the high level of services.

The detailed prices are presented for registration of a taxi for long distances on the pages of the service. If necessary you can ask all the questions online consultants or by calling a single phone number. We will select a comfortable type of transport and promptly calculate the cost of the trip.


Today long-distance transportation carries all types of transport such as bus, electric train, plane. The future passenger should take into account that:

  • The Company-carrier must be licensed by the Ministry of Transport for passenger transport.
  • No unforeseen obstacles will arise with us on the way. Baby Transfer organizes the trip in such way as to eliminate the breakdown or the need to wait for other passengers.
  • It is necessary to purchase tickets in advance. This is at least a few days. At that time our long-distance taxi in Kiev recommends only to place an online order regardless of the time of the trip. This can be urgent or in advance. When you create an application you can choose the type of the car such as sedan, crossover or minibus and a seat if you need.
  • In most cases children do not tolerate travel. A long trip in a stuffy bus or lack of hygiene in the train affect the mood and health of children. In Baby Transfer you will be provided with everything you need for a comfortable and safe trip with children such as high-quality car seat, drinking, conditions for watching cartoons. If necessary our drivers are ready to transfer unaccompanied children. Parents are given the opportunity to track the location of the child.

That is why many people choose a long-distance taxi to get quickly to another settlement without thinking about the inconvenience. Our services are used by families who value mobility and comfort, for example:

  • Pregnant women. A car of increased comfort will not only arrive at the appointed time in another city but also guarantees comfort to the future mother. Water, dry and wet wipes, bags in the case of motion sickness, magazines are available in each car.
  • Newlyweds. This is the ideal solution for a comfortable trip out of town to a banquet or a small honeymoon trip.
  • Guests of the capital with children. It is often necessary to get to the population centres upon arrival in Kiev. The taxi will allow you to reach comfortably your destination after a long journey with restless people of any age after a tiring road.
  • Families-owners of expensive cars that are temporarily under repair. If it’s necessary to visit the neighboring cities with the whole family and you are accustomed to move around comfortably so a long-distance taxi will promptly provide suitable VIP transport.


  • There is a wide fleet with cars only luxury and business class in Baby Transfer. By placing an order in our taxi you can be sure that a well-groomed and clean car will arrive at the right address. Our taxi will be with everything you need to travel for long distances with any family members.
  • The experienced drivers. Our drivers do not smoke, they are correct with all clients, they monitor the appearance. They are able to ensure the safety of passengers. Many drivers have previously worked in state law enforcement and security agencies so they can act as a guard. They know how to get along and communicate with children.
  • The ability to find out the cost in advance. Country taxi in Kiev is more expensive than public transport.We pre-determined the cost of a particular trip without unplanned surcharges so you will know the budget in advance..

Plan your trip with Baby Transfer! Our services are used by families with children, pregnant women. They trust us their children in long journeys out of town.